Artesis Technology Systems

Introducing Artesis Technology Systems, the leading provider of advanced fault detection solutions for mechanical and electrical systems. Our cutting-edge products offer an impressive 90% accuracy in fault detection, allowing you to identify and address issues up to 3 to 6 months in advance, even in the presence of undetermined motor load.

Unplanned Downtime
Unplanned downtime can be a major concern for businesses, leading to significant losses in productivity and revenue. That's why we have developed a solution based on ISO 20958 Section 4.3.4 Model Based Voltage Current Analysis. This innovative method enables our technology to directly detect a wide range of faults, including variable frequency drive component failure, bearing failure, stator and rotor faults, looseness or component issues, misalignment and unbalanced conditions, transmission component faults (such as gearbox, chains, belts, and coupling), conveyor belt failure, cavitation, clogging, or air flow turbulence.
Fault detection system
Our fault detection system offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability, ensuring that potential issues are identified well in advance. By proactively addressing these faults, you can eliminate unplanned downtime and avoid costly disruptions to your operations. Our technology empowers you to take preventive measures and conduct maintenance activities at the most convenient times, maximizing the availability and efficiency of your systems. Not only does our fault detection system help in improving operational reliability, but it also has a direct impact on energy consumption. The faults mentioned above are often accompanied by energy wastage. By promptly identifying and rectifying these faults, you can eliminate energy wastage, leading to substantial reductions in electricity consumption. This not only lowers your operational costs but also aligns with your sustainability goals, helping you create a more environmentally friendly operation.

To showcase the effectiveness of Artesis Technology Systems, we have compiled a series of case studies that highlight real-world applications and successful outcomes. These case studies demonstrate how our products have helped various industries overcome challenges, improve system reliability, minimize downtime, and optimize energy usage.

Artesis Technology Systems is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art products that empower businesses to take control of their mechanical and electrical systems. Our fault detection solutions offer unmatched accuracy, advanced technology, and tangible benefits such as eliminating unplanned downtime and reducing energy wastage. Trust our expertise to ensure the reliability, efficiency, and sustainability of your operations.

1. Protect Your Success - Artesis AMT and e-MCM

Artesis Technology Systems, a name that rings synonymous with the advent of cutting-edge technology and the forefront of industrial progress. Its crown jewels, the AMT Pro and e-MCM systems, serve as the embodiment of their commitment to innovation and efficiency. Like two mechanical knights in shining armor, they stand guard over your operations, ensuring maximum return on investment while minimizing potential risks.
Artesis AMT Pro
The Artesis AMT Pro is a portable motor driven equipment test system which automatically generates a condition assessment report indicating existing electrical mechanical and operational faults, time to failure information, recommended corrective actions, and effects of faults on energy efficiency.
Artesis e-MCM
The Artesis e-MCM is a powerful online condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and power meter tool intended for critical AC rotating equipment. The patented machine learning algorithm of e-MCM enables comprehensive fault detection up to 6 months in advance. With around the clock monitoring and real-time model-based voltage and current analysis, e-MCM can detect electrical, mechanical as well as process faults of fixed, variable speed motors and generators while providing all the benefits without the high complication and cost of traditional systems.

1. AMT Pro

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2. Artesis e-MCM

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